Thursday, April 28, 2011

Speaking about kids and sports tonight in Darien

Tonight, I will be in Darien, Connecticut to speak about Until It Hurts at an event co-hosted by the Darien Library and YWCA Parent Awareness Network.

I'm especially looking forward to this one, as I have a previous connection to youth sports in Darien. In 2010, I wrote a piece for the New York Times about Peter Barston, an inquisitive 15-year-old and former rec league second baseman who wondered: Why do kids play sports in Darien? To get the answers, Peter launched a survey of hundreds of kids in town and came up with interesting results.

The number one reason kids in Darien play sports?

Not winning.
Not college scholarships.
According to Peter's research.....

Hope to see you there.


pbarthold said...

Mark, Thank you so much for coming to Darien tonight. Your talk was awesome and I am quite sure it got a lot of people talking and thinking. I hope it opened many eyes and that those who heard you will spread your good word.

Tony said...


I would have gladly mentioned this on the show. Next time you're doing something in an area where I'm covered, please let me know.