Thursday, June 02, 2011

Three books for sports parenting mavens

Now where was I...Seriously, I've spent the last month working (furiously) on several projects. I'm up for air now.

I'm calling attention to several recent books written by friends/colleagues. These would be excellent additions to the nightstand.

Elevating Your Game: Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor. Jim Thompson, the author, is founder of the Positive Coaching Alliance and a fervent believer in coach and parent education. Jim was interviewed about the book and kids sports last month in the New York Times.

Daddy's Little Goalie. Robert Strauss has written tenderly and humorously about the joy he has taken in his daughter's sports life. It's an exploration of the brighter side of youth sports. People who hang around this blog will enjoy the change of pace.

Parent Your Best. Jeremy Boone is a strength and conditioning trainer in Charlotte. Even though he's stronger than me, we share many of the same views about over-training, over-specialization and other "overs" spoiling youth sports. Some fitness types nudge kids into starting earlier and training harder than they should, perhaps because it's in their economic interest to do so. That's not Jeremy and I respect him for it.

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