Wednesday, January 05, 2011

On being the parent of a youth sports prodigy

The first word one of my sons (sorry, won't divulge which one) ever spoke was: bump. Not sure why. Just sure it was bump.

The second through sixth words were: "Tony Fernandez and Cal Ripken." He'd memorized the names and faces from a pack of baseball cards that found its way into the house. It was exciting to have an 18-month-old who could recite the names of two All-Star shortstops. So exciting that I wonder whether I would have been tempted to turn him into a YouTube star had there been YouTube at the time. Actually, I know I would have been tempted.

As the parent of a prodigy (sports, music or otherwise) it's hard keeping exceptional talent to yourself, as this CBS News piece explains very well.

Thanks, Ben.

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