Thursday, December 30, 2010

A month later, more on sports training for babies

The Today Show ran a piece on sports training for babies and toddlers yesterday. Worth a look, though most of the interviews are with people featured in last month's Times article.

I second what Brooke de Lench of says at the end of the piece. Nothing in the medical literature supports the idea that babies gain coordination from sports exercise.

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George said...

Of course, the fact that babies and toddlers are being pushed into sports by their parents, who are desperate to give them an edge in our hyper-competitive society isn't really new: it is the continuation of a trend towards earlier and earlier sports participation about which Brooke de Lench has been sounding the alarm for the past decade and devoted a whole chapter in her book, "Too Much, Too Soon: Making Sure Your Child's Involvement in Sports is Developmentally Appropriate."

WI Baseball Dad said...

I dont think it matters if it improves coordination. If little kids enjoy the sports activities then its a good way for parent and child to bond.