Thursday, April 22, 2010

Little League movie is whiffing at the box office

Take the story of a heroic Little League team. Add a sappy love story. Mix in flat dialogue, one-dimensional characters, an ending that's predictable. What have you got? A lousy movie about a heroic Little League team, apparently.

Which brings us to The Perfect Game, which debuted in theaters last week. Horrible reviews. Interesting (to me) is that the real story of the 1957 Little League World Series champs from Monterrey, Mexico seems infinitely more entertaining than the dramatized version. Check out (below) a mini documentary about the team - the first from outside the U.S. to win a Little League World Series.

Little League Baseball is rallying support for the film. In a blast email today, though, it acknowledges, "Without [better attendance], the movie may not last in theaters much longer."

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