Tuesday, February 16, 2010

USC's 13-year-old QB; Congrats to Alan Schwarz

Reading about David Sills last week, I wondered what people who actually study kids would make of the situation. Not football tutors. Not college football coaches. Child advocates, health professionals.

I expected all would be riled up about USC's offer of a football scholarship to Sills, a seventh grader. But that wasn't quite right. Here's my piece from ParentDish.

Unrelated but important: Today Alan Schwarz of the New York Times won the Polk Award for sports reporting. He's responsible for hundreds of important stories about concussions in athletes, from the pros to youth leagues. He has changed attitudes and saved a lot of kids. Congratulations Alan. And thanks.

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Kirk Mango said...

Yes, I wrote a piece on this on my ChicagoNow blog. The title says it all "College Recruits Getting Younger and Younger: Kindergarten the next great recruiting venue!!!"

Simply crazy.

The NCAA is finally taking some action on this. See: "NCAA Proposing An End To Offers Of Early Athletic Scholarship. It's About Time!!!"

Mark, were you aware of the above new rule change?