Monday, January 04, 2010

A high school golf team and a 10-minute flight

One more look back at 2009. The Washington Post ran this amusing (or sobering) piece on the past year's "Wildest Moments in High School Sports."

I am trying to imagine the creativity that would be needed to make these up. And I can't.

Here are a few for the record books.

Allentown, Pa. -- A girls' basketball coach, angered by the heckling of a player's father, was found not guilty of disorderly conduct after he went into the crowd during a game and allegedly placed his hands around the man's neck. "As long as you're yelling, your daughter doesn't play," the coach told the dad.

Greenwich, Conn. -- A golf team, fearful of missing a tournament because of major gridlock on Interstate 95, hopped a six-passenger plane to the event -- a 10-minute flight -- and won the invitational.

Lake Wales, Fla. -- A junior varsity football coach, who also was a police officer, was arrested for biting a player's nose at halftime as a motivational technique.

The coach explained that he wasn't biting. Because he was talking. And you can't bite and talk at the same time.

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