Monday, April 13, 2009

Sports training for babies may be overrated

Discouraging news for parents who have invested heavily in sports DVDs for toddlers and even infants. (I just bought one as a gift for a cousin whose new baby will be under heavy pressure to start at linebacker for Penn State in 2027).

These training tools probably accomplish nothing.

I admit I had my suspicions. Now they've been confirmed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, which recently published a study concluding that TV and videos for kids under 2 may not influence skill development.

From the AAP: "Researchers looked at the amount of time 872 children spent watching television or videos from birth to 2 years of age, then assessed their language and visual motor skills at age 3. When researchers adjusted for other factors that could influence these skills, such as maternal education and breastfeeding, the effect of television appeared neutral. Contrary to many parents’ perception that television viewing is beneficial to their children’s brain development, the researchers found no evidence of such a benefit."

Ok, next time I buy the infant tackling dummies.

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Aimeepalooza said...

This cracked me up. Do people really buy that stuff???