Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Real Sports seeks interviews with sports parents

HBO's Real Sports wants to speak with parents for an upcoming piece on youth sports. I'm passing on a note from the segment's producer, Amani Martin. (FYI: I do not work for HBO and am not involved in production of the story).

HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel is developing a story on the current climate in youth sports in which parents are increasingly invested in the athletic pursuits of their children. We’re looking for parents of children (ideally ages 3 through 10) who have invested large amounts of time, money, and energy into their children’s sporting activities. Ideally, you’re a parent whose investment in youth sports is connected to a hope that focusing on your children’s sports will one day lead to a college scholarship or pro career. The point of the piece is to illuminate the evolution in the seriousness of youth sports; this is not meant to be a judgmental story on parents’ decision-making on how to raise their children. Please contact: Amani Martin, Producer, Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. Direct line: (212) 512-1859. Collect calls will be accepted. Thank you very much.

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