Friday, August 29, 2008

A last look at the Little League World Series

Ok, one more post on the Little League World Series.

It's become a huge business. Estimated dollars spent by fans visiting Williamsport for last week's series? Would you believe $20 million?.

The limping economy apparently didn't keep the adults away. Little League announced it had "smashed" an attendance record this year when more than 30,000 fans turned out for a slate of preliminary games early during series week.

It's worth noting that Little League Baseball does not charge for world series tickets. Grandstand seats are distributed free to league officials, family members and those with the presence of mind to request them months in advance. Viewing spots on the massive grassy hill beyond the outfield fence also are free, first-come, first-served.

Hotel accommodations are not free. Rooms at the Wiliamsport Hampton Inn for next year's series start at $179 per night, if you already have your reservation. The Hampton Inn Web site is showing the hotel already sold out.

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