Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A book about the business of youth sports

It has been months since the last post. I've been writing (and writing). Just not here. I'm pleased to say that the official publication date for The Most Expensive Game in Town was yesterday. It's a book on an important subject - the commercialization of sports for kids. I hope it will spur discussion and debate, maybe even modest change.

There will be reviews and interviews over the next few weeks. I'll post a few here. If you'd like to be kept in the loop about more book stuff, I hope you'll "like" the book page on Facebook.

Doug Glanville, the former major-league-baseball-player-turned author and essayist, has written a thoughtful piece about what's lost when youth sports becomes as crass a business as every other crass business, and about the book. This article posted to the Time Magazine Ideas Web site today.

Thanks to all those who inquired where I've been and when I was going to get my lazy butt back to work on the blog.

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