Thursday, March 31, 2011

Using kid testimonials to sell bats? Not okay

My reaction-

Has a kid using one of these bats ever swung and missed?

It's okay to sell bats. It's not okay to use kids to sell bats.


Dr. Kwame M. Brown said...

It's not ok to use kids PERIOD. Thank you for sharing this and taking a stand Mark! My new friend!

STATS DAD said...

Mark, I'm trying to understand, what's the issue? Kids have been selling candy, cookies, games, etc. for as long as advertising has been an industry. Is the issue that kids are selling products or that kids are selling bats?

Mark Hyman said...

Fair point. What if the kids in the ad were four and five and swinging tee ball bats?

STATS DAD said...

I ate Life cereal because Mikey liked it. I ate Oscar Meyer Bologna because some kid sang a jingle that is still stuck in my head. Who better to pitch tee ball bats than kids.

I thought the ad was very convincing - more so then if Derek Jeter were selling it to me. To me they were authentic and some of those kids had great swings.

Love the blog - keep making us think about issues in youth sports.

Dr. Kwame M. Brown said...

To all:

My problem with this is two fold.

I have no problem with a kid doing a commercial if it's a lark.

I have a huge problem with them doing a professional endorsement, because this contributes to the professionalization of youth sports.

I have often said that we are moving toward a world where kids no longer PLAY sports, but DO sports. This is a problem. Play is incredibly important. Find out why at,

SORRY FOR THE PLUG Mark! Just want to spread the word. I will continue to promote your blog, it is much appreciated!