Friday, February 25, 2011

Best youth sports Web sites and blogs, including us

It's nice to be noticed and particularly nice to be noticed by colleagues. That happened twice this week.

Over at jmbthinks, Janis Meredith cited this blog as one of "Five friends every sports parent should have." Other "friends" include the youth sports social-networking site and the blog

For, Fran Dicari, the proprietor at StatsDad has chosen his "Top 10 Youth Sports Blogs." This blog was included with the likes of Rick Wolff's Ask Coach Wolff, Dan Peterson's Sports Are 80 Per Cent Mental and Sports Girls Play. All worthy.

Thanks to Fran and Janis.

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Janis said...

Thanks for the mention in your post, Mark. It is an honor to be recognized with such great colleagues!

I follow your blog and read your posts regularly!