Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do youth sports parents really sound like this?

Very clever and very amusing. From Jen Singer at Mommasaid.net.


CoachScott said...

Yes they do. It doesn't matter which sport or activity (including non-sport activities). For goodness sake. It was quite funny though.

Gigi Fernandez said...

This is hysterical! Does this really happen? Take if from a Pro..it doesn't matter what you say or do with your sports playing kid, they will either make it to the professional level or not based on a whole slew of variables none of which include include being good at 7 or 8.

Loud Mom in the Stands said...

Wow! Thats funny. But parents can sound like this. I don't' believe you can pick who's going to go pro by how the play as a young kid. I do think it is easiest for the kid to start out in the beginning levels, but if your kid has talent and heart they won't have a problem!! Man, let the kids have some fun too!! Funny clip!