Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Cal Ripken and a rec field for pickup sports

Old Memorial Stadium in Baltimore - former home of the Colts and Orioles - was leveled years ago. Now on the site are a senior housing complex, a neighborhood playground, a YMCA and - as of yesterday - a special kids' rec field. A large chunk of the funding for the new field was supplied by the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation, named for the longtime Orioles coach and manager (and father of a Hall of Famer, Cal Jr.).

I've had several talks with John Hoey, president and CEO of the Y of Central Maryland, about his plans. We've talked about alternatives to highly organized youth sports, ways to encourage pickup games and other kids' play - for lack of a better term - lightly supervised by adults. John has good ideas. This field behind this Y could serve as a test tube.

Cold, windy weather for the ribbon-cutting yesterday. I was glad to be there.


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