Thursday, October 14, 2010

Take the "Business of Youth Sports" survey

For my next book, I'm asking for help from sports parents.

The book will deal with the business of youth sports and I'm seeking stories about how - and how much - we spend to keep our children on teams, in uniforms, with private coaches and a lot more.

I've worked up a brief survey of 10 questions. The last question invites you to share with me stories about money you've spent (or saved) in youth sports. That could be why you paid $250 for a child's baseball bat instead of $39.99, the most expensive travel-team fee you've ever absorbed or whatever comes to mind.

The Positive Coaching Alliance included the survey in its weekly "Connector" email yesterday and the response from that group has been terrific. If you'd like to participate, click the link below.

Thanks, Mark

Click here to take survey


STATS DAD said...


I have kept a log of all my youth sports expenses since Mar 1 - the total has exceeded $8000.

Mark Hyman said...

I'd love to chat. Can you email me -