Friday, September 17, 2010

A $59.6 million high school football field

The town of Allen, Texas has just broken ground on a $59.6 million high school football stadium. This sort of money buys a very nice stadium.

The field at Allen Eagle Stadium, scheduled to open in 2012, will be 15 feet below grade and covered with artificial turf. Seating capacity is said to be 18,000 including 5,000 reserved seats with seat backs. Other amenities that are unusual for high school fields: A video scoreboard, two-level press box and observation deck.

It is worth noting that Allen Eagle Stadium won't be the largest high school football stadium in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. The stadium in nearby Mesquite holds 20,0000.

Some may argue that spending this sort of money on a high school football stadium is excessive. But not everyone. Note this comment from a reader on the Dallas Morning News Web site.

I live in Rowlett and do not know a soul in Allen. What I do know is these people voted that they wanted this stadium and were willing to pay for it. What is wrong with that? That is the reason we vote. Do you want the people of Allen telling you what to do in your town? I doubt you do.

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