Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Heart Association names its price - $1.5 million

Oatmeal is good. Tofu is healthy. But if you're looking to do your heart a real favor, buy a Nintendo Wii.

The American Heart Association seems to be saying that. This week, it announced it has joined forces with Nintendo. It is endorsing Wii (even Wii bowling?) as legitimate exercise. Its logo will be displayed on Wii boxes.

The heart association gets $1.5 million over three years from Nintendo. It make you wonder about a lot of things including this: Shouldn't the reputation of an iconic wellness organization be worth more than that?

Thanks Dirk

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Dirk said...

Thanks Mark. BTW, from gamers I hear that Nintendo hears the footsteps of better "fitness" gaming coming from Sony and Microsoft. They were very motivated to pay.
Looks like AHA didn't even want to wait to see potentially better technology to evaluate if they really believe this is a good idea. They are locked in for 3 years.