Tuesday, November 03, 2009

From the business of youth sports department

News flash (from the Baltimore Business Journal):

"Under Armour Inc. is going into business with a global sports marketing agency to create a standardized scoring system for youth athletic performance.

"The Baltimore sportswear company and IMG are planning more than 100 global one- to three-day combines for high school athletes next year at which participants will be scored on a range of metrics, including physical attributes, mental stamina and sport-specific skills."


welch said...

Mark, how does this differ from the Presidential Physical Fitness standards of yore?

welch said...

I figured it was something like that. Here's an interesting project to work on: How could the college community demystify the scholarship process and convince folks that an exclusive focus on sports is not the best route to college?

Brian McCormick said...

Who did Under Armour hire from Nike? How does this differ from the Nike Sparq program, which is basically just a marketing ploy to get people to buy Nike medicine balls and jump ropes at a 50% mark-up rather than non-brand names? Rumors also have UA hiring the Pump Brothers away from adidas an an entry into youth basketball. When will these companies do something original rather than passing around the same people and same ideas from company to company.

Check out the Youth Basketball Coaching Association:

Mark Hyman said...
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