Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The advice Dominique Wilkins should have given

Dominique Wilkins might have been a great NBA player, thus the nickname "The Human Highlight Film." He fails to make the grade for inclusion on our list of pro athletes who see excesses in youth sports and speak up about them.

Not suggesting that Wilkins commits some huge faux pas in this video. But he seems dazzled by the between-the-legs dribbling and swishes from the three-point line and unconcerned that Dakota Sims, despite his talent, enthusiasm, gifts, is nine.

He might have added: Nice jump shot, son. Take tomorrow off.

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Kirk Mango said...


We need to be carful in talking in absolutes with regard to youth sports and excess. Kids are different, sports are different, and overuse in one sport or with one athlete may not be so with another. This is not a hardline type of an issue that someone, anyone, can set exact guidelines for that are the same for everyone and every sport. Extremes on either end are not a good thing.

It seems to me, at least from watching the video, that this young man is inspired from within. As long as that truly is the case and he is not being pressured from the coach or the parent to put in the time he is putting in I don't think I would have an issue with it.

If his life is balanced in other areas (school, and social life) we should allow and encourage the natural course of things for this young man.