Friday, September 11, 2009

On my reading list, LeBron's "Shooting Stars"

It's a stretch to recommend a book that you haven't read, but what the heck. I'm giving a nod to Shooting Stars, the new LeBron James memoir. I like that the book's focus is James's formative years in Akron, Ohio, and bonds forged with teammates on and off the court. That interests me a lot more than the more predictable superstar pap about life in the fishbowl of the NBA.

Full disclosure: James' co-author Buzz Bissinger, was a college classmate and a fellow editor of mine at the Daily Pennsylvanian back in, uh, well, during the Pleistocene Period. Buzz, author of the classic Friday Night Lights, also generously blurbed my book. He may be two feet shorter than James but this is a rare case in which the athlete and his collaborator are of equal stature.

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