Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Now you tell us that curves don't destroy arms?"

Reaction to Sunday's curveball article in the Times.

Rob Neyer, ESPN.com

"Wait a minute ... Now you're telling us that curveballs don't destroy the tender arms of adolescent pitchers? I can't say I'm all that surprised."

St. Louis Post Dispatch

"The larger issue in childhood arm injuries may be overuse: Too many pitches thrown in too many games too close together. The study suggested that young pitchers be allowed to throw no more than 80 pitches in a game, and that seasons should be limited."

ESPN Sports Nation TV

"Would you teach your kid to throw a curve? New research contradicts the conventional wisdom that throwing curves destroys young arms. Dr. James Andrews strongly disagrees with the findings."


Tim Keown, ESPN Radio Extra Point

Then, a worthwhile discussion of the article and the issue at BaseballFever.com.

And also chatter about kids and curves yesterday on Pardon the Interruption (with Mike Wilbon reflecting on his childhood bender) and the Dan Patrick Show.

Finally, I found this recent article on Dr. Andrews, Glenn Fleisig and their research at ESPN the Mag. Hat tip to Chris Sprow.

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Cal said...

Well, here is another NY Times article on kids and arm injuries from pitching: