Saturday, May 09, 2009

The first girl in Ypsilanti to play Little League

Today, a history lesson. The first girl in Ypsilanti, Michigan to play Little League Baseball? Caroyln King who took the field in May 1973. At the time, Little League rules barred girls from joining teams. So, Carolyn was not exactly embraced by national Little League authorities. They booted her out of the league. The angry Ypsilanti City Council fired back, banning the local league from using city-owned kids diamonds.

A year later, Little League changed its policy, not having seen the error of its ways so much as having been ordered to do so by the New Jersey Supreme Court. Anyway, this story about Carolyn King from the CBS Evening News in 1973 is highly entertaining. I love the reaction of one of Carolyn's kid teammates, who is swallowed up in his baggy Orioles uniform: "She's no women's libber!"

Thanks to Girls Play Baseball for the tip.

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