Friday, April 10, 2009

Why did you pitch your son while he was hurt?

I'm posting a QandA about Until It Hurts and some of the thinking that went into the book. The article appears at

David Davis, who conducted the interview, posed some interesting questions from 'What do you think is the lesson of Tiger Woods' story?" to "In the book, you write about being your son's baseball coach and having him pitch in a game when he had tendonitis. Why did you have him pitch while he was hurt?" (Well, because it was playoff time?).

It's a very good overview of the book.

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W. Henry said...

Great!! I did a class presentation on parental involvement in youth sports and the reasons I listed were that parents think having a successful child in sports makes them a good parent. They also are looking for incentives: college, pro, etc. And finally for their child to socialize and meet others which to me is the best reason! Your interview is a good overview for the book.