Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Until It Hurts, the website

Until It Hurts, the website just went live. Please visit. I welcome your comments.

The url:


Sheila McDonald said...

Mark, the Until It Hurts site is beautiful. So breathtakingly professional when you open it up. And the excerpt is great. You asked for comments so here goes:

(1) After such brilliant clarity on the photos and initial pages, it was a struggle to read the GREY print on the text pages. Old eyes like mine (hey, yours are even a wee bit older) would stick with it longer if the print was black on white.

(2) I pre-ordered on Amazon a while ago so sorry can't get your numbers up for clicking through on the Web site.

(3) Loved the photo of Ben on Waxter Way!

(4) Expecting any drop-ins at the Freehold appearance that would make me want to go to that one? ;-)

Mark Hyman said...

Thanks for the feedback, Sheila.

Re: the Freehold event. Bruce has sworn me to secrecy...I've already said too much.

Anonymous said...


The site looks great, very nice layout and presentation. As an active sports parent, coach and league volunteer I've got to get my hands on your book.

Kevin Hunt

Bree said...

Mark--I love all of the dynamic stats on your sidebar. Wow-what an eye-opener. Nice grab to the audience...may I link your blogsite from my blogsite?
Great website, I'm sure you'll get a lot of regular visitors.