Friday, February 06, 2009

Youth sports programs getting a haircut

As the economic crisis worsens, sports programs are getting slammed in predictable and, at times, surprising ways. A few examples from around the country.

In Las Vegas, one Little League reports fewer players and higher registration fees. "We had to raise prices because we didn't get as many sponsorships, so we need to make up the costs to cover those sponsorships and our other normal costs," a league official told the The Sun.

A Little League in Central Florida is down to one lighted field for 130 kids because it can't afford more space.

Minnesota prep sports are getting a haircut. At a few high schools, teams head off to road games on a one-way bus. "The athletes must ride home with parents or friends," notes the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Also under consideration: cutting back on scrimmages and games.

Thanks to Andrea Grazzini Walstrom for the Minnesota tip.

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