Monday, February 09, 2009

A-Rod, steroids and the fallout in Appleton

An overlooked angle on the Alex Rodriguez steroids scandal: What is the future of Alex Rodriguez Field?

There is at least one youth baseball diamond named in honor of the present Yankee/past role model. It's in a park used by kid players in Appleton, Wisconsin, population 187,000. The city built the field as a home for Babe Ruth League games in 2004. It got its name because A-Rod started his career with the Appleton Foxes, the Single-A farm club of the Seattle Mariners. The city fathers never forgot. About now, they probably wish they had.

I just emailed Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna to ask if the city is having second thoughts. (Or third, in light of last summer's Madonna kerfuffle).

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