Thursday, February 19, 2009

An iPhone app for Little League parents
reports on an idea whose time has come: A new iPhone app for parents who can't make it to the game - GameChanger. The inventor is Ted Sullivan, 32, a former minor league pitcher.

Notes Forbes: "Here's Sullivan's pitch. Each baseball squad has a scorekeeper who logs every at-bat, mainly on pen and paper. GameChanger's friendly interface uses straightforward language instead of baseball lingo. Example: Rather than describe a shortstop-to-second-baseman-to-first-baseman double play as a "6-4-3 DP," GameChanger lets users click on parts of the field where the ball traveled. It can also track customized statistics like "hustle points" or strong defensive plays.

"Once logged in, the scoring data flows to [Fungo Media, Sullivan's company] servers, which can beam it, in the form of text messages, to the phones of all those busy parents and relatives--as well as to the hundreds of Web sites, newspapers and TV affiliates looking to beef up their news coverage on the cheap."

GameChanger is set to roll out March 1 in New York, Washington, D.C., St. Louis and Orange County, Calif. More info coming at Apple's "apps store."

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