Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An expensive dream come true

Here is a startling story of a kid with a sports dream and parents willing to spend almost anything to make it happen.

Greg and India Keith live in Charlotte. They don't seem to have been hit hard by the economic meltdown. Their son Cody is a 17-year-old quarterback with ambitions to play in college. Last season, Cody was the backup on his high school team with little chance to unseat the starter.

So this is what the Keiths did for their son.

They sent Cody to California to work with Steve Clarkson, a QB guru who grooms kids to become college and pro players - and charges $1,000 or more per lesson.

Then they scouted for a house near a high school that met a key criterion: it needed a quarterback. When they found one (a QB-deficient high school, that is), the Keiths rented their $2.8 million house in the old district, bought one in the new district for $737,500 and spent the fall watching their kid live his (and, I'm guessing, their) dream.

Read this - including reader comments. It's amazing.

Thanks to Gene Bratek for pointing out the story.

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