Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Play golf, start young

From a press release received this week.

"This year, a future Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Chase Utley or Amlet Monacelli can get started on a road towards having fun and success in sports when they receive the perfect holiday gift – a starter set that teaches either golf, baseball, basketball or bowling. Now, toddlers can get into the swing of their parents favorite games with the I Can Play lineup which guides kids through the basics of several popular sports.

I Can Play™ Golf from Fisher-Price®

Young golfers can get ready to play like the pros as they learn to sink shots with I Can Play Golf. The set comes equipped with the Sure Score™ guide to lead the ball to the hole and help toddlers gain confidence as they play. The one-step, automatic ball return releases the ball from the set, which is shaped just like a real golf bag. Kids can easily tote their gear across the green by stowing the set’s two clubs, three balls and one flag inside the carry case. No batteries required. Ages 18months and up."

Wondering: How much "like the pros" can an 18-month-old golfer play?

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