Saturday, November 15, 2008

Good Housekeeping seal

Thanks to Jen Singer of Good Housekeeping for citing Youth Sports Parents among three recommended kids and sports blogs. Jen begins her post with an interesting look back at her early sports life and at the barriers she scaled as a girl in a boys sports world.

"Somebody's father was yelling at me. I was only seven, but I understood what his problem was: He didn't like that the only girl on the baseball field played better than his own son. He didn't say that, exactly. Rather, he told me that I didn't belong there. But I watched his son send another errant throw toward (or not toward) second base, and I thought, Yes, I do.

"Thanks to Title IX, I was among the first girls to get to play Little League baseball in my hometown. It was my first experience with organized youth sports. Also, my first experience with parents who really ought to step away from the field and take a chill pill."

Attitudes have shifted quite a bit. Unfortunately, we still need the chill pills.

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