Thursday, November 20, 2008

ACL injuries in Albany

ACL stands for anterior cruciate ligament. It seems fewer and fewer girls complete their high school sports lives with their ACLs intact. Mike Sokolove wrote a wonderful book about the epidemic of ACL injuries, why they occur in soccer, lacrosse, basketball, field hockey players, etc., and ideas about curbing them.

The Albany Times-Union and the newspaper's youth sport blogger Joyce Bassett are telling the ACL story in an interesting way. Bassett has turned over her blog to Karly DeSimone, a striker for the Shenendehowa High School girls soccer team. In turn, Karly has been blogging about her experiences as an ACL surgery patient and about her lengthy rehab. The blog has generated feedback from lots of other ACL patients. One wrote a college paper - see November 10 entry - about the ordeal.

I'm also linking to an article written by Times-Union reporter Tom Keyser, a former colleague at the Baltimore Sun. Tom explains the spike in these injuries and the long road to recovery.

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