Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The rough side of youth football

The Indianapolis Star reported last week on a physician who was booted from his coaching post in a youth football league for allegedly kicking a player, causing the 8-year-old to suffer a bruised pelvis. The incident also cost the coach his real job with a local orthopedic group. Apparently it's tough treating young patients when the local newspaper is detailing how you might have kicked a kid.

The altercation (and media coverage) touched a very raw nerve. I'm sharing some of the emails about it that came to the Indy Star Web site. None of the writers attempts to justify what the coach did. But some argue that public reaction is overblown. My point: Is there a single kid on this team who will want to play football next year?


"It must not have been that hard as the child finished the practice and was able to play in the game the next day. I will say again I do not agree with the action, but the incident was over blown and used as an excuse to get rid of him."

"So are you saying that if it was YOUR child this man kicked in the pelvis, you would not have complained?"

"When will the Center Grove area realize that this isn't "West Texas" or "Friday Night Lights"...I am a coach and understand the importance of youth leagues and involvement...but kicking a child? Seriously? I heard of a situation recently in which a Center Grove youth coach was sneaking an earpiece into a defensive player's helment in a 5th/6th grade game....."

"I am sure you are a good mom and a nice lady, but with all due are part of the problem. YOu actually typed "it must not have been that hard". Are you serious?? Whether you think it was or wasnt "that hard"...the medical exam performed later declared that it was "that hard!!"

"Everyone of us has made a mistake from time to time. This man is actually a good person and I'm sure he'd like to take what happened back. No not because he lost his job or coaching postion but because it was a mistake."

"I am shocked and ashamed to see so many hurtful commits [sic] about an individual who has given so much to his community. Coach Flory had dedicated countless hours and "yes" generous donations to support the youth sports in our community."

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