Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Prep basketball: Trouble with transfers

LA Times reporter Eric Sondheimer has written a good column on the troubling spike in high school sports transfers. Talented players in SoCal hop from school to school, year to year. It's all about building a kid's sports resume and cred with college scouts. Lucky schools sometimes add two or three star players virtually overnight. Others lose their big guns unexpectedly, with coaches unaware that a player has transferred until the first day of school. The LA school system has tried to address the problem with stringent transfer rules. But, as Sondheimer points out, they haven't made a dent.

"High school sports has evolved into a multifaceted scene, with increasing focus on what it offers for the individual rather than the team. It's now about branding opportunities, exposure to recruiters and media, and preparing for future stardom," Sondheimer writes.

Read the entire article from Monday's Times here.

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