Monday, August 11, 2008

Age is just a number

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Chinese gymnast He Kexin may not be old enough for the Olympics. To be eligible for competition, gymnasts must be 16. She is either 16 (as her passport states) or 14 (as reported in five Chinese-langugage news stories last year).

I would have guessed 12, having watched gymnastics coverage last night. Or even 11. A wonderful, amazing athlete. But so petite.

Let's assume that He is underage, by two years, maybe more. Further, assume that children do not doctor passports on their own, while the Chinese government is on coffee break.

How many adults would be in on the conspiracy?

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KC said...

Bunches and bunches of 'em. Karolyi has it right -- authoritarian states can do what they want. What's with everybody being born on the 1st of the month too? That's looking faked to me as well.