Monday, July 21, 2008

Until It Hurts


My youth sports book will be titled "Until It Hurts." Publication, by Beacon Press, is scheduled for April 2009. As Jon Miller used to tell fans when his memoir came out - in April -"Hey, it makes a great Christmas gift!"

So far this spring/summer, three books are out about youth sports: Game On by Tom Farrey of ESPN; Warrior Girls by Michael Sokolove, a contributor to the New York Times Sunday Mag (which ran an excerpt from the book back in May); and one just out, Six Good Innings, by former San Diego newspaperman and columnist Mark Kreidler. I've read Tom's and Mike's books and need to pick up Mark's.

My appetite for books on youth sports is greater than the average reader's. But I've found a lot of good reporting and commentary. I hope they sell well, almost as well as that title out next spring.

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