Monday, November 29, 2010

Toyota's gift to youth sports, Tiny Football League

Corporate America has used youth sports to move merchandise for a long, long time. Somewhere around here I have a photo of the 1948 Little League World Series in which kid players wore corporate names in script across their jerseys.

Toyota hasn't gone that far. But the car maker is sponsoring the new and slightly off-center Tiny Football League. This league isn't exactly a league. It's a Web site, a Facebook group, a Twitter account, a bunch of Youtube videos and a contest in which one kid team wins $10,000.

I had a fleeting idea that this might be all about the betterment of kids' sports until I saw this post about the TFL on a marketing Web site:

"The online creative will be unified through an online content management system via @thisMoment that puts the campaign assets on the variety of Toyota's social media and Web platforms via its "Distributed Engagement Channel" that enables diverse content from different places to be distributed on one platform to multiple social environments."

Good luck to all teams that have marshalled campaign assets. (Entered the contest).

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