Monday, August 03, 2009

Gym class more dangerous than it used to be

Not sure what to make of this but, as a public service, am passing it along: Gym class apparently is becoming more dangerous.

A study released today by the American Academy of Pediatrics reports that the number of kids injured during gym has leaped 150 per cent in 11 years. (That is, the annual number of cases increased 150 percent during the study period).

During the years of the study (1997 to 2007) researchers analyzed the cases of 405,305 children and adolescents treated in emergency departments for PE-related injuries. Here are some highlights pulled from the data.

-Nearly 70 percent of the injuries occurred during six activities: running, basketball, football, volleyball, soccer and gymnastics.

-Researchers noted differences in the types of injuries suffered by boys and girls. Boys, for example, were more likely to be injured on the head, during collisions with other people, and during group activities. Girls tended to suffer strains and sprains to the lower extremities, and to be injured during individual activities.

-Middle school-aged children accounted for the majority (52 percent) of injuries.

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